Monday, April 23, 2012


Love is an honesty
About the language of the heart who was revealed 
by the strands of the body
About a satiran who exposed knife 

Love is sometimes blind,will forget the mind
Doing things that are sometimes absurd
But that's love

Love can turn bitter into sweet, turning dust gold,
cloudy became clear, sick are healed, the prison into
the lake,pain becomes pleasure, and anger into mercy 

Love is not teaching us weak, but of power. 
Love teaches us not humiliate ourselves, 
but breathes bravery. 
Love is not discouraging, but uplifting

Love also makes you become a poet
Inscribe her in the heart of the sky
By borrowing the color of the rainbow
To carve hearts content 

But Love is a beautiful gift
Grace of the Creator to his people
And let the flavors were languishing in our heart

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