Wednesday, October 3, 2012

. disgusted fwen !!

why this happened to see you silly! You think you are very good? why I have a friend like you always hurt me, trouble me ... all my life I never met a friend like you. . useless. . say you want to follow. I was stupid to follow what you say ... you very resentful. . Judging I've left this house ...... I did not want to .... after the expiration learn I will throw you in my life. pounds you do not need to find me again .. I already do not want to see your face .. disgusted ... disgusted ... I regret it with your friends ... you take advantage of this good myself.
I hope some day you receive the due reward of your reply.
and I hope I do not see another close friend like you this world ....

because of you I'm always fighting with someone special mylife ... temperament you like a dog.
. works you, always maligned others even when you are not perfect yourself anywhere .. I do not care if you can do all the same, but otherwise .. . temperament why you like that .. I hate you friends ... everything you want to say right right right .. nice if so .... hey friends ... can think not everyone will like you ...You do not want to showboat very close to the land of the big ... do not say .. I do not like your attitude .... make me disgusted .....
so BEWARE okeyh !!!

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